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Welcome to off-a-bit. This LJ community is dedicated to all Star Wars fanfiction that is considered "AU" (Alternate Universe) or AR (Alternate-Reality). Be it small scene changes or non-conventional relationships, all are welcome.

Membership is open with 4 simple rules:

1. Writers who post must always put up a rating. It is helpful and sometimes necessary. Some people don't want to read "R" some people only want to read it.

2. Writers should always list a small blurb about their story. Some people just don't jive with Yoda/Bant pairings, so warn them in advance.

3. Unless it is a very short and low rated (pg or under) story, writers should either link to their stories or use an LJ-cut in order to save space.

4. Because the authors will have put in a warning spot, I request common decency be applied in reviews. If you don't like Mace running off with Dooku, don't flame the story. You were warned. Be considerate and just avoid the story.

That is it. Feel free to post, ask questions, etc.

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