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So I don't actually have a story to post but i do have a question about a fic, if thats all right. (Mods if this isn't okay, i'm very sorry)

I am looking for a fic that I believe is called Fear of Change. Here are a some things I remember...

story details here...Collapse )
If anyone has a link to this I would greatly appreciate it. I think I accidently deleted it from my favorite and would very much like to read it again. When I last read it it had 11 chapters I believe and was not yet finished. I am having trouble finding it again, though it may be because I am using the wrong 'title'.

But anyways thanks for the help in advanced and once again Mods if this is not allowed just delete it

A different kind of fanfiction
Name:  Star Wars Notes
Genre:  Star Wars
Rating:  PG
Format: Letter/Note in Star Wars Notes and on proboards
Community Link:
Website Link:
Age/Audition Requirements: must know English well, must be intelligent, and must be over 13 years old
Further Info:

Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by Lucas film, and does not belong to me.

Please Note -- a knowledge of Star Wars is NOT necessary in order to participate in this role-play.  I am willing to explain anything that you need to know to you in order for you to play a particular character.

At was writing a Star Wars AU fanfiction several years ago on other sites.  In this fanfiction, I had various Star Wars characters write to other characters -- explaining to other characters what is going on in the story.  The result of this is that a fanfiction is written from the perspectives of the characters, while they interact with each other.   The story begins before The Phantom Menace and will go all the way up through Return of the Jedi.  Right now, the story is almost at the end of The Phantom Menace.  That is where I had to stop because of time contraints from school and other things.  However, I decided to start it up again.   I need characters.  These Notes will be posted in their own community, and also on a proboards forum.  

For those who participate, you get to pretend to be a character and have influence on other characters, as well as the overall story.  There are boundaries, though.

The reason that this fan fiction will be classified as AU is because, while generally following the story line of the movies, there are certain points that will be different.  Also, there are additional characters and events.  There are also questions that are answered in this fanfiction that are not covered in the movie.   (Like how and why did Dooku become a Sith, what was Palpatine doing behind the scenes that caused everything to happen the way that it did, what would happen if Anakin was really able to free his mother, just how deep was the love between Anakin and Padme and how did it develop, etc.) 

This fan fiction will take you through the events of the movies, and you will get to see these events through various different characters' eyes.  

I will not post the fanficiton to this group unless the group owner specifically wants me to. 

If interested in participating, please either reply to this or send me a private message.  (A private message would probably be better.  That way I see it for sure). 

Star Wars: EU/AU 'In thee I trust'. *Ferus/Anakin*
Fandom: Star Wars EU/AU
Title: In thee I trust.
Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Ferus Olin
Pairings: Anakin/Ferus
Rating: PG (dark themes)
Summary: It was not about attraction, curiosity, rebellion or even passion that brought Anakin to that moment. This was about trust.
Author's notes: This was written for my friend albumsontheside Go easy on me I'm not really a writer of Slash but I thought I'd give it a go. My apologies for all mistakes and inaccuracies shown.

It was Anakin's first real kiss and it was with none other than his friend Ferus.Collapse )

Star Wars: 'The Regency: prologue'
Title: The Regency
Fandom: Star Wars
Author: Jody betareject
Characters: Palpatine, Anakin, Shmi
Pairings: Palpatine/Shmi
Genre: Tragedy, angst, general
Ratings & Warnings: PG-14 (graphic death)
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author’s Notes: This idea came to me after albumontheside requested Regency AU from a meme I did. So this one is for her XD
Warning this is not accurate to history and can be considered crack!
Summary: Prince Palpatine-Skywalker was not a man who was prone to following the whims of a vision. The untimely assassination of Empress Shmi Skywalker makes him a believer and it changes everything.

Prologue.Collapse )

Star Wars: Clone Wars 'Perfect Beauty' *Bly Fic*
Title: Perfect Beauty
Fandom: Star Wars: Clone Wars
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me =D
Characters: Bly, Aayla, Kit (mentioned)
Pairings: Aayla/Kit (mentioned)
Genre: quasi romance, introspective
Ratings & Warnings: PG (mention of character death)
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author’s Notes: I got the idea of Bly being asexual from fialleril who suggested that the clones may be of that sexual orientation.
On that note I would like to apologize in advance for all inaccuracies portrayed here and hope that, my ignorance of the subject does not detract from this tale. *blushes*
Summary: It was not her sensuality or her body that he loved, but her mind. Aayla understood this; he saw it in her eyes. There were also things Bly saw in her dark orbs that not even General Fisto was aware of mysteries that were meant only for him. The Jedi general may have held her heart, but Bly had captivated her mind.

Perfect beauty.Collapse )

Fic: The Will of the Force (3/?), PG-13
LotR sexy thorin
FIC: THE WILL OF THE FORCE (3/?), PG-13 [03 MAY 2009|11:01AM]


 Title: The Will of the Force (2/?)
Author: </a></b></a></b></a>emthejedichic 
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Siri/Xanatos
Summary: While undercover, Siri meets Xanatos, and they form a strong bond. When Siri’s mission ends, Xanatos trails her to Coruscant- but is arrested, forcing Siri to choose between the Jedi and the man she has come to love. Siri/Xan, AU
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to people who aren’t me, apart from the odd OC. I wish it were all mine, but it isn’t.
A/N: The events of this story are set around Jude Watson’s Jedi Quest: The Path to Truth. So if you haven’t read the novel, be forewarned that this fic basically gives away most of the plot. Also, from this chapter on spoilers for Secrets of the Jedi will be cropping up here and there.
Pertinent background information (info about the characters, ect. for those who aren't too familiar with canon) for the fic is here.
Previous chapters: 12

Seeing him again isn’t easy. I’m still feeling regret, and my common sense- which would typically remind me that I had done the right thing- is unusually silent.

Clone Wars 'Corrosion' *Chopper fic*
Title: Corrosion
Fandom: Star Wars: Clone Wars
Author: Jody betareject
Characters: Chopper, Rex, Cody (brief mention of Anakin, Jester, Sketch, Punch, Echo and Fives)
Pairings: None.
Genre: General, War
Ratings & Warnings: PG (dark themes)
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author’s Notes: A big thank you to fialleril for permitting me to make reference to her tale And they dreamed of Freedom Birds. Also noted this tale take place in the same verse as my other Chopper tale Dignity.
Summary: With his droid finger necklace and his rebellious attitude, everyone believed Chopper would be next to step out. A part of him feared it too.

Corrosion.Collapse )

(no subject)
Oh hello. I just found this community and will probably spam the place up with my pet AU-fic now (bwahaha!) instead of capslock_cw . I should explain this journal is my drabble journal (and RP journal for Star Wars RP characters), my regular journal is pipiare so don't be alarmed if you see me comment with both.

Title: Masquerade: Bal des Ardents
Fandom: Star Wars: EU/AU
Author: Pipiare/Harpalyce
Characters: Leia Organa, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker/Vader
Genre: General, war, angst.
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13 for darker themes.
Disclaimer: Please don't sue me Uncle George D: None of this is mine.
Author's note: Very, very AU, this is set in my pet AU which involves a redeemed Vader. To make things more confusing, this is set farther on in the story than I've actually written, so it's tangential to the main plot. A more thorough summary is provided at the start of the quick short story as well as links to the multi-chaptered story.

Masquerade: Bal des Ardents

There's also a very quick drabble, unrelated to this story...

Characters: Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Vader
Genre: Drabble (war, fight scene)
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13 to R for dark themes, gore.
Disclaimer: Please don't sue me Uncle George D: None of this is mine.
Author's note: It's just a quick little thing exploring Ahsoka as Vader's apprentice.

Sky Guy

Star Wars EU/AU 'The Great Loves' *Thrawn fic/drabbles*
Title: The Great Loves
Fandom: Star Wars: EU/AU
Author: Jody betareject
Pairings: Thrawn/Maris, Thrawn/Ar'alani, Thrawn/Padmé (if you squint) and Thrawn/OC
Characters: Thrawn, Padmé, Maris, OC
Genre: Romance, war, first times, angst AU
Ratings & Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author's note: This is hardcore AU! Also this tale promotes Het!pairings which may be considered offensive to some.

The Great Loves

Christmas Elrond
This is just a brief post to let you know that I have enabled tag usage in this community. Feel free to put tags on your stories for things such as author names, pairings, characters, genres or themes.

Please keep all the tags rated FRT (aka PG-13) or below as this community is open to Gen, Slash, and Het fics and the readers of the community are likewise very diverse.

For easier reading, please attempt to preface your tags with something that makes it easy for users to find you.

Say, for example, that I wrote a Han/Leia fic where Leia takes care of Han after he's freed from the carbonite.

I could tag it with something like author:escargoat, type:het, theme: h/c, pairing: Han/Leia.


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